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Department of philological and natural disciplines

Preparatory department

Teachers of department of philological and natural disciplines conduct classes among future students of university, constantly improving a technique of teaching subjects, introducing intensive methods of training, professional focused and stylistically differentiated the directed communicative training, computer information technologies.

While teaching we use various technical means of training, educational television, a computer class, language laboratories, expositions of the Museum of Kiev history, the Historical museum of Ukraine, the Museum of History of the Great Patriotic War, the State museum of Ukrainian aviation. Student's scientific conferences are annually organized.

The department of philological and natural disciplines has classes of Russian and Ukrainian languages, mathematics, physics, technical drawing, geography and other disciplines, and also has two special courses (teaching Russian as foreign language, and also theory and practice of technical literature translation).

Faculty Staff gives special attention to individual work with foreign listeners and students, taking into account racial, religious and other factors, and also level of academic background.

Since 1992 the faculty specializes in training of future students not only in technical and economic specialization, but also medical biological and humanitarian.

Over 160 citizens from 16 all over the world countries are received pre-university preparation with different terms of training (according to individual plans). Interdisciplinary coordination and continuity in training are one of the most important elements of organizational and methodical ensuring pre-university training of foreign citizens. The department of philological and natural disciplines always considers the results of foreign student’s academic achievements, at all faculties and introduces the corresponding amendments in educational process as necessary.

For years of the existence, the faculty has prepared over six thousand foreign citizens more than from 90 countries of the world for the accession to university and other state higher educational institutions. For the same time over 250 students of the department became Ph.D’s and DSc’s.

Teaching staff
Scientific activity

During existence of the faculty 8 teachers have defended master's theses, over 300 educational and methodical grants, methodical developments, articles, theses, reports, etc. are published.

The department often held the International scientific practical conferences on questions of a terminology studies and teaching Russian and Ukrainian languages as foreign.

The department develops a scientific research subject: "The study of language units Ukrainian and Russian languages in functional and cognitive and communicative-pragmatic aspects".