National Aviation University International Education Centre


Preparatory Department

Foreigners who do not speak the language of study (Ukrainian, Russian ) are admitted to the Preparatory Department for the period of one year where training is carried out on the following directions: Engineering, Economics, Humanities, Medicine.

Foreigners study the Ukrainian and Russian language, the history of Ukraine, geography, mathematics, physics, computer science, biology and other educational disciplines depending upon the chosen direction. After completion of the academic year, final tests are to be passed by students to be admoitted by different universities of Ukraine.

Tuition fees (per year) for foreign students.


No. Direction Ukrainian Russian  
1. Engineering $ 1500 $ 1500  
2. Economics $ 1500 $ 1500  
3. Humanities $ 1500 $ 1500  
4. Medicine $ 1500 $ 1500  
Download the application form for training: Download